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  1. E-Sense
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E-Sense Room system for the indoor tanning is very innovative designed for a natural tanning and open in a protected environment for 365 days a year.

The system is designed to be installed in environments very different and can be customized in a variety of colors also on display will appear the name of your SPA.

E-Sense Room is a modular system according to the requirements can be composed of 1 or 2 tanning columns for any location. You can install multiple locations together in the same environment to enjoy the benefits of tanning also in pairs. The systems have separate controls and guide voce the session times are adjustable.


  • increase the collection of money
  • retain customers at your SPA
  • savings in the management, it is not required operator
  • area suitable also for other activities / treatments
  • offer different product to customers not comparable than the usual service
  • offer a product suitable also in pairs
  • offer a new concept innovative & futuristic
  • offer quality tanning without erythema prepare the skin for tanning sun
  • offer a unique service anti claustrophobic and panic
  • offer maximum comfort in a pleasant atmosphere for a special tanning session in a protected environment
  • offer a product with a futuristic design, custom and not comparable to others
  • offer a product in a “unique environment” designed just for you
  • having a long-life product