Solarium Adjustment

Publication of the decree 12 May 2011, 110. In the Ufficial Gazette has been published the Ministerial Decree on the apparatus for Aesthetic Regulation concerning the implementation of Article 10, paragraph 1 of Law 4 January 1990. All the business activities that use solarium, and all other appliances included in the list, which is an integral part of the decree, by July 30, 2011 are subject to mandatory compliance. Specifically, solarium equipments are described at the card number 7.

We recommend to all the tanning equipment holders to:
•    Check the solarium and their certifications;
•    All the manuals for solarium need to be up to date;
•    Verify that the solarium are equipped with UV filters and blue filters UV transparent and that they are original;
•    Verify that the solarium have external screens in perfect conditions;
•    Check that the solarium UV lamps are original;
•    Update the instructions to hang in the cabin in the surroundings of the solarium;
•    Ask for adjustments only the company manufacturing the equipment, avoiding this way risks, warnings, and in many cases scams;
•    Obtain the details of the adjustment and the certifications of the company that ran it.

Everybody is asking us whether and when the right authorities will carry out checks. To safeguard your own business we don't consider this question vey relevant: not to adapt to the new decree means to run a higher risk. We recommend to stop using the solarium and the other equipments not in accordance with the entry into force of the Decree, because the owner of the business is responsible for the use of the not allowed equipment;

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