Production of Dha Magic Spray Tanning Equipment. Discover the Spray Tanning Imported Directly From the Usa

California is a tanning spray which in a few seconds will give you a natural golden colour skin with a velvet sensation.

The tanning Spray, Magic lotion, will grant you with an easy long lasting makeup application which is resistant to several washings and hard to be removed. This is a revolutionary system based on the professional spraying of substances, water-based, with no toxic effects.

The action is obtained because of the DHA molecule capable of oxidizing the keratin of the stratum corneum, giving it a brown pigmentation. The gel of Aloe vera skin moisturizer acts as an agent. This is a comprehensive system absolutely designed for our customers. It can be compared to a simple skin makeup.

The tanning spray cannot replace the use of the solarium, but it can contribute to colour the skin of those people who cannot directly suntan or simply would like to achieve quick results. Several kinds of lotions are available for sale. They differ for the percentage of DHA they contain:

DARK is the lotion that gives your skin a dark shade within 3/5 hours ;

MEDIUM grants your skin with a medium intensity within 3/5 hours;

CLEAR is a transparent lotion whose active principles act on your skin within 3/5 hours;

INTENSIFIER is a special drops lotion useful to personalize the intensity of your skin colour.

The natural skin colour you have achieved will gradually decrease over the next few days without marks. You can either buy the lotions from us and/or through our dealers and authorized shopkeepers. Eurosun performs the production of spray equipment in order to spread and spray the lotion on your skin evenly. There are several ways of customize your requirements and meet your needs.

PERFORMANCES - ideal for face and body - It does not leave traces - specific professional products line.

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