EVA Hybrid

No more distinctions between bed, shower, face

for the body

The Eurosun style, current and exclusive, combines creativity and flexibility of use and transforms an environment into a fascinating wellness temple where regenerating is a real pleasure. Embracing open space, EVA is modeled for the body, a moment of sublime harmony between body and psyche, the comfort and freedom of space necessary for your serenity. The use of precious materials, ergonomics and sinuous, elegant and captivating lines make EVA flexible and functional. EVA is the FIRST device designed to achieve a complete state of wellness thanks to the properties of its treatments. The senses abandon themselves to the regenerating embrace of light, colors, chromatic essences for a complete recovery of vital energies.

EVA Hybrid

Technologically very advanced

EVA is equipped with the modern tanning system LED or hybrid combined which translates into energy savings of over 75% compared to traditional solariums.

It has many innovative features, in addition to selecting the level of tanning, it is possible to choose between 4 types of session:
1. COMPLETE (all system);
2. ONLY FACE (only lamps face zone);
3. ONLY LEGS (only lamps legs zone);
4. ONLY LED COLLAGEN for treatments beauty light.

UVB for the production of melanin an vitamin D

UVB for the production of melanin an vitamin D;

UVA to reach direct, intensive tan

UVA to reach direct, intensive tan;

Blu light for pure and blemish-free skin

Blu light for pure and blemish-free skin;

Red light collagen has a rejuvenating and soothing effect on your skin

Red light collagen has a rejuvenating and soothing effect on your skin.

Color is life

Choose the color that defines you!

From technology
to nature

EVA technology allows you to choose the edge you like best

State-of-the-art equipment

Session time personalized

Session time

Soft touch system

Soft touch

Adjustable body ventilation

body ventilation

Ionized air ventilation

Ionized air

Conditioned plexiglass


Voice guide


Spray acqua fresh

Spray acqua

UV control power

UV control

Bluetooth connection


AUX output


Led Light emotion

Led Light

Digital radio


Time check


Time safety


Remote control


Exclusion of areas

Exclusion of areas
body, face, legs, collagen

Display with center name

Display with
center name



Germicidal lamp


Led collagen


2 menu

2 menu
(manager + operator)

Tan shoulders + neck

shoulders + neck

Head tans for bald individuals

Head tans
for bald individuals

Intensive face


Aroma fragrance


Beauty treatments

Beauty treatments that can be done on EVA

EVA Biostimolation
Collagen Mask

EVA Biostimolation

EVA Biostimolation

EVA Biostimolation

EVA Biostimolation

EVA Biostimolation

EVA Biostimolation
Body Cell

EVA Biostimolation
Body Frozen

EVA Biostimolation
Body Lipo

EVA Biostimolation
Body Passion

EVA Biostimolation
Body Tonic

Technical specifications


Product Height (mm): 1500

Product Width (mm): 970

Product Depth (mm): 2150


Power supply: 220V / 380V at choice

Energy consumption: from 4,2 to 4,8 KW

Lamp features


Specific features

Led light emotion: Color-changing LED (chromotherapy)

Installations: It does not require air expulsion systems

Patent: Eva is a registered and patented model protected by the European Union for Intellectual Property No. EUIPO 004729218-0001

Country of Manufacture: Italy

Frequently asked questions

What types of seating can I do with EVA?

On EVA you can easily select 4 types of seat BODY, FACE only, LEGS only, COLLAGEN only. The tanning sessions are always combined with collagen LEDs to have a better effect on the skin, eliminating the classic post-tanning smell.

What advantages does EVA offer to the center?

EVA offers an OPEN SPACE concept different from all on the market, a lower management cost, a product without competition with a different image from the competition.
EVA can do the functions of three equipments in one solution.

Is the session fresh?

On EVA the session is fresh and you don't sweat.

Is EVA silent?

EVA is very quiet and is suitable for all environments.

Can EVA work at 220V?

Of course EVA has the characteristic of having a very low energy consumption, on average 75% less than a traditional bed.

Is EVA body ventilation sanitized?

The body cooling air undergoes a treatment that makes it clean and sterile every time it is used.

What results does the collagen treatment offer?

Already after the first session improvement of the skin, more elasticity, softness and energy. Renewal of collagen and elastic fibers, activation of skin metabolism and better hydration. Suitable for all skin types.

Are there any other treatments besides collagen?

Currently there are 3 aesthetic treatments that can be proposed, combined with the collagen session: the OXI (oxygenating) face and body treatment, the LIFT (lifting) face treatment and the Hyaluronic (plumping) treatment.
They are AER treatments, new, exclusive, simple to perform and with immediate results.

Can the face lamps be turned off on EVA?

The EVA controls provide for the exclusion, after switching on and according to the customer's needs, of 3 areas, the FACE area, the HEAD and SHOULDERS area, the intensive.

When EVA is in stand-by is it illuminated?

EVA is equipped with LED LIGHT EMOTION technology, with a remote control you can choose a variety of colors and plays of light that add value to the environment that hosts it.


EVA has a micronized water spray on the body which is extremely pleasant.

How does EVA help the manager for maintenance?

EVA has a specific function that warns the manager on the due date.
The UV LEDs on EVA LED and Hybrid do not need to change lamps.

Can EVA be managed from the reception?

EVA is compatible with the most common control systems present in both computerized and non-computerized centers.

Can EVA be managed from outside the cabin?

It can be connected to an external system that allows you to perform the same functions as the keyboard.

Does your company take back obsolete used equipment?

In addition to the withdrawal, obviously based on the good an overvaluation is made.

Are there any corporate incentives?

The company, in collaboration with the sales network, provides an important bonus for new openings and also in the event of second-hand collection.

Is funding available?

The loans can be chosen for periods of 24, 30, 36, 42, 48, 54, 60, 66, 72 months.
You can choose the solution without an advance or independently decide the amount to be advanced.
The first installment can be postponed by two or three months, the expenses are included in the installment, without final redemption or pre-leasing costs.

Why buy EVA?

EVA's purpose is not just tanning, like common solariums.
Because the seat is something unique and exclusive, EVA takes care of the body.
EVA thanks to Eurosun's LED collagen biostimulation system, helps you to visually improve the elasticity, brightness and texture of the skin as well as giving the right tan.
EVA touches four of the five human senses. By immersing yourself in EVA sessions, the body will have a constant benefit and visible improvements right away.
EVA is also physical and mental well-being, thanks to the ionizing system and the study of its ergonomic shape, it allows to obtain unique and exclusive benefits to our psycho-physical system (relaxation, nervous relaxation, regeneration).
EVA can also be proposed for CHROMOTHERAPY sessions. Colors are essential to rediscover the harmony and balance of body and spirit.
EVA is green, respects the environment thanks to the Eurosun system that cuts energy consumption by up to 75%.
EVA is attentive to Nature even in the materials it is made of, natural like wood and noble ones like steel, aluminum, copper.
EVA allows multiple possibilities of innovative use.
It tans and stimulates the production of collagen at the same time, brings the principles that our skin needs (oxygen, hyaluronic acid, vitamins, etc.) all in a single treatment.
Because EVA is not noisy.
Because EVA is fresh, thanks to its system it allows you to let yourself go to a pleasant cascade of light.
Because EVA is color, I can choose the color that reflects me.
Because EVA is music thanks to digital systems, Bluetooth, mp3 I can listen to my favorite music.
A few minutes of treatment and the well-being will be yours.
... Simply EVA.



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