Eurosun New Generation Sun offers promotionals services for beauty centers, tanning salons, solariums and spa

Eurosun takes care of the promotional services for solarium and beauty centers because this step is considered very relevant to start off a business. The beauty center or solarium needs to have in place a clear, strong and effective communication strategy in order to reach its customers.

We have promotional service materials to assist your advertisement campaigns.

  • DVD of the company;
  • high resolution file with the pictures of the products;
  • high resolution file with the pictures of the equipment;
  • file for the customization and creation of invitation cards;
  • promotional brochures for the customers' centers;
  • equipment poster with customizable effects;
  • Eurosun shopping bags; Eurosun stickers for internal and external windows;

  • weekly planning;
  • customizable customers' cards;
  • Eurosun gadgets for badges and mobiles;
  • Eurosun pens - expositor for resale tanning products;
  • instruction poster for solarium, mandatory in the beauty centers; posters for shop windows;
  • OXYGEN shop windows posters;
  • TRANS CUTANICSYSTEM shop windows posters
  • TRIO shop windows
  • SUN CARE shop windows posters; and much more…

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